Uncontrolled barking can cause neighborhood headaches or even get you thrown out of your apartment. With their keen senses, dogs tune in to things we don’t always hear or see that can put them into serious barking mode. Leaving your dog at home or in your car (when it’s cool outside) can be a perfect storm for uncontrolled barking – when no one is around to stop them.

Dog obedience training is essential to getting a handle on a bad barking habit. Obedience training includes important tools and strategies to teach a dog to deal with distractions that trigger them to bark. Canines can learn to remain quiet and let life go on around them without sounding off.

Tips to Solve Uncontrolled Barking

  • Crate train your dog: Once fully crate trained, dogs enjoy having a crate. It helps them to feel calm and secure – it’s their dog den. How to Crate Train Your Dog.
  • Teach your dog the difference between Yes & No: Be clear with your dog commands and be careful and appropriate with your praise.
  • Learn to anticipate your dog’s reactions: Curb uncontrolled barking by becoming aware of what causes your dog to react and be consistent with your corrections.
  • Leash your dog in the house so you have a way to communicate better. Pick up the leash and guide them to the quiet choice!

  • Review our Foundation Training program for 1-on-1 guidance and support through a full training program.
  • Consider Remote Collar Training to have the widest range of communication with your dog and learn the benefits of having a virtual leash in your hand. 
Black lab sitting off leash
Black lab sitting off leash

These insights on curing barking behavior may not seem directly related to resolving your issues but they are surely a part of the permanent solution. When you are consistent and practice teaching your dog better behavior, it is remarkable to see him start to make better choices. Excessive barking can arise from a life of no structure and no guidance. When your dog is working hard at learning commands, understanding corrections, and receiving appropriate praise for desirable behavior, we quickly see that our dogs want to please us and respect the boundaries we establish.

Learn to Anticipate Your Dog’s Reactions

A major part of dog obedience training is teaching you to anticipate when your dog will react to certain distractions, in this case, anything that sets off their barking habit. So gaining awareness of specific triggers is essential to curbing a barking habit. Then, most importantly, practice consistent corrections to train your dog to leave behind all uncontrolled barking.

small black and white dog on a leash in the house during training with owner

Sometimes uncontrolled barking issues can be transformed with proper use of a low-level electronic bark collar, like E-Collar Technologies Barkless Pro, which can be an effective tool to remind your dog to ignore distractions that cause you a headache.

It’s essential to understand that solving uncontrolled barking is a training issue that owners must learn to master. We approach your training challenges in a comprehensive way to help you become the calm leader your dog needs to feel secure and make better choices.

dog on stonewall outside

Looking for additional training tips and support?

Team Puppy Training

Encourages your leadership and show how you to nurture good behavior. 

Foundation Training

Covers the basics of good dog behavior as well as some behavior modification.

Remote Collar Training

Foundation Training with e-collar for total off-leash freedom and behavior modification.

What our clients have to say...

Dog Coach listened carefully and observed keenly my interaction and tone of voice with Bella. At nearly 6 months now, she is the best-trained dog I've had. It was a worthwhile experience!

Margaret B.

We want to thank Dog Coach for your patience and encouragement! Our dogs are really coming into their own as the perfect family dogs we were looking for!

David S.

Such a great investment! We got a puppy and had a toddler... It was overwhelming at first. Working with Dog Coach has been the gift that keeps on giving.

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