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Dogs are not our whole life...

…but they make our lives whole. -Roger Caras

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Clara the Collie

Jerry and Millie

"Sarah was the 4th (yes 4th) dog trainer we had worked with and we could not have been happier!"

She gave us the ability to work with BOTH of our dogs successfully and to feel like we are in control. Specifically, our larger rescue dog was constantly jumping on guests, stealing food, etc. and now we have so much more control of these issues. Our dogs are now happy and well adjusted and everyone in our family is enjoying them so much more. I’d recommend Dog Coach to anyone needing help with their dog! -Quinn S.

Ben - Boxer

"Sarah was just the right person to help us welcome home our frightened 2-yr-old rescue boxer."

She is a kind and gifted teacher of both dogs and people. We have a large family, and she seamlessly integrated my many children into our Remote Collar training sessions, helping each one of us become confident, benevolent, trustworthy leaders in our anxious dog’s eyes.

By the end of our six-week session our dog was transformed into a more secure, relaxed, well-mannered boy, and so were we into well-equipped leaders for him.

We are hoping to add a second dog to our family soon and look forward to having Dog Coach back to help us learn to effectively lead our 2-dog pack.

Highly recommend! – Jen K.

Jetpack - Mix

"We brought our puppy home from the shelter at three months old knowing very little ...

…about her but hoping for the best:..” a trainable, easy-going friend to all people and dogs. A pet that was relaxed at family parties and snuggled up to our cats.

About three months into ownership, we took Jetpack for a walk. She was agitated at times toward other dogs, and also reacted to our cats through a window. Soon, a neighbor approached on the street in front of our house, leaned down to say hello, and before we could blink Jetpack had lunged and bit his leg. Needless to say, this was devastating, and we realized we needed more help.

Sarah at Dog Coach was reassuring from the first time we spoke on the phone. We took the steps to train Jetpack on the prong collar and readjusted our attitudes. We began to feel more in charge, able to say no more effectively and correct her unwanted behaviors. Those early weeks of reactivity and lunging turned into more manageable whining and moving along and ignoring distractions.

As our training sessions continued, Sarah upped the stakes, and we saw Jetpack calmer around dogs off-leash, and less reactive around them when on-leash. We look forward to walks now, and see each walk as a training opportunity, a chance to allow our dog to make better choices.

As much as Jetpack has changed, so have we. Sarah trained us to be more confident in handling our dog and we’re feeling our confidence continue to grow. “We’ve got this, Jetpack, you just enjoy your life as a dog”-Sean L.


Buddy - Foxhound/Beagle

“Sarah changed our lives – the “our” being my foxhound/beagle mix, Buddy, and me.” As to how we got there…I adopted my sweet little guy when he was about 10 months old. True to his name, he likes pretty much all dogs and people and they all like him. And true to his hound roots, his favorite things are running and nose to the ground sniffing and best of all, running with his nose to the ground. So, for the next two years, our walks consisted of Buddy pulling me after a scent or me dragging him away from a scent. It was not fun for either of us.

I tried obedience classes, but Buddy is not at all food motivated, and since those classes used food for training, they were unsuccessful and frustrating. My goals were simple: I wanted to be able to walk calmly with Buddy, to take him to places confident that he would behave and to let him off leash to run when we were hiking. I knew we had to go in another direction. I had some experience with remote collars and how effective they could be as a training tool, so I decided to look for someone who used them in training, but I found it challenging to find a trainer whose philosophy and method I was comfortable with. And it was important to me to be a part of the training process – I needed to be trained as much as Buddy – so that eliminated the places that take your dog for a month and send him home “trained”.

After much searching, I finally found Sarah and Remote Collar Training at Dog Coach. After our first conversation, I felt strongly that Buddy and I had found who we were meant to find and after our first meeting, I was sure of that. Fast forward about 3 months from our first lesson. I am proud and delighted to say that Buddy and I now are model walking companions and he is the perfect guest when we go into stores. He is calm and so am I. But most importantly, he is now entirely off leash when we get to the trails and parks. Let me repeat, in 3 months, I can let him off his leash and he comes when he is called. I rarely even have to use the remote anymore since he responds just to my voice. People come up to me to remark on how well behaved he is and to marvel at how he responds to commands, even in the midst of a frenzied dog park. So, to say that Sarah changed our lives is not an understatement. I highly recommend Dog Coach. – Deb C.

Ziggy - Maltipoo

We have a six-year-old maltipoo named Ziggy. We have utilized some training courses in the past but still needed some assistance, so we turned to Sarah at Dog Coach. We did the Foundation Training program and are very happy with the results.

Sarah is very experienced and an expert with handling dogs and teaching people how to deal with their dogs. The main concept was that we are in charge and Sarah showed us the proper ways to have Ziggy understand that. Although it is a continuing process, we now have the tools necessary to make walking in public a fun experience rather than a chore.

I would recommend Dog Coach to anyone that requires some “guidance” as to dealing with their dogs…you won’t regret it.- Allen F.

Chapo - Shepard/Husky Mix

Wonderful experience with my 1 year old German Shepherd/Husky mix, Chapo! As a first time dog owner, having such an energetic and excited boy was challenging to manage around other people until Jonathan was able to provide us with the tools we needed, guidance, and support. We are almost done with the program and are seeing many positive changes with each day that goes by. I recommend Dog Coach to anyone dealing with any sort of behavioral stressors with their dog. Beyond thankful! -Ina B.

Clara - Collie

As a recent widow I was frightened by the new responsibility of taking on an older dog. Clara had more spunk than I had expected, I was worried that she would pull me over. It was hard to manage her on walks, she bolted at motorcycles, she barked when people came to the door.

Sarah took Clara’s bad habits and helped me to turn them around while discovering the malleability of my new friend, Clara. “Let’s Go “ became my Mantra, as Clara learned to go to her bed, out for walks without pulling, how to greet guests quietly, how to live in my busy Air BnB household, these are only a few skills that Clara has learned. Sarah showed me how to be consistent with my dog and expect good behavior. Sarah with her gentle but firm voice and guidance, week by week, coaxed both of us to relax and be glad we found each other. I learned that it’s not just about the dog, it’s about me too. I learned how to talk gently and successfully to Clara and other skills. We discovered that Clara is a gentle soul, perfect for me because as a senior I had special requirements. I feel supported by Sarah who is always available to answer my questions in person or on the phone.

Gigi - Chihuahua Mix

It was a perfect match! Two senior citizens and a 9 pound eight year old chihuahua mix with five teeth! Our little sweetie was just perfect until we took her outside for a walk! Outside, she wanted to take on any other dog we met or heard from in any house we passed. After trying for two months to calm Gigi’s aggressive behavior on our own, we called Sarah. The lessons helped to teach Gigi and us who was the boss, how to prevent confrontations, and provide a safe refuge. The three of us are learning that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks Sarah!

Banner - Swiss Mountain Dog

katie-matt-banner“It was as much a learning experience for us as it was for our puppy. Sarah helped us with our 5 month old Greater Swiss Mountain dog pup. We learned everything from from how to get him not to pull the leash and how to acclimate him to seeing the cat without chasing her. Thank you, Sarah! Don’t know what we would have done without you!”

Charlie - Water Dog

Charlie the Portuguese Water Dog

Walking Charlie now, after your E­Collar Program, is entirely different because I can approach or pass other dogs and not feel fearful myself. Charlie would always practically pull me over whenever other dogs were near, not listening to me at all. Now, with the E­collar, he listens to me on walks and I can stay in control of his attention. I am now comfortable on walks in the neighborhood and at the park as well.

We had another major issue when Charlie used to wake me up in the middle of the night and insist on going outside. I was able to put a stop to this behavior with the E­Collar and your guidance. Thank you very much. I appreciate Charlie now more than ever.” – Evelyn K., Beverly


Larry Bird - Blonde Lab

Larry, (Larry Bird, the yellow Lab) sitting with Darla

Our 5 year old lab, Larry, was out of control. He would not come when called, barked excessively at us and at neighbors walking by, and was destructive to things in our home. Also, being a typical lab, Larry likes to eat socks, gloves, and anything else he get his paws on. Larry has already had one surgery for an obstruction of a sock that he consumed. We were at the end of our rope when a friend recommended Sarah to us. Sarah saved the day! During the course of her 6 week training program, Sarah has helped us to achieve goals we never thought we could reach.

Larry’s anxiety has disappeared, and with it so have the barking and destructive behaviors. We are now able to walk Larry in the neighborhood, something we could never do in the past. Larry is listening more and has not been consuming as many items as he used to. He no longer sleeps on the bed with us, and is more comfortable in his crate. Friends and family have commented that

Larry seems much more relaxed. The results have been incredible! Thank you Sarah…we have a much happier dog and a much happier family! –Laura H.

Bama - Mixed Breed­

bama“Sarah helped me realize that I could train a new puppy even though the puppy was very much in charge at first! Sarah has a no­nonsense and direct approach, sharing a treasure trove of training techniques. I especially appreciated how she always followed up with how we were doing and encouraged our progress along the way.

My puppy Bama has already mastered so many valuable lessons. Anyone who gets a chance to work with Sarah will be inspired to recommend her the world over! Just when I thought there was no hope with the new puppy, Sarah showed us the way to being proud dog owners and model citizens for other dog owners in town!”  – Kelly H., Hamilton

Lukie - Shih Tzu­

Darla with Juki“When we got our three month old Shih Tzu, we had no idea what it actually takes to own a dog, in terms of responsibility in training her, teaching her to lead a happy and healthy existence, and for us to learn how to enjoy her as well. Never having owned a dog, we lived by romantic notions of what it might be like. Her cuteness was overwhelming us!

While extremely cute and sweet, however, she has been quite demanding and fussy from day one and there was little enjoyment of each other’s company and more anxiety, frustration, lack of sleep and feeling lost at how to stop her barking, whining, and how to keep her and us happy. How do we teach her to behave, to sleep, to listen to us? How do we leave her when we need to go to work? These were just a few questions out of many more that we were suddenly overwhelmed with.

That is when Sarah came into our lives by a friend’s reference, and within just a few sessions, we seemed to be in control of our lives again. We felt like truly responsible dog owners and our dog seemed to be happy and relaxed. It was amazing to see how just with a few simple guidelines, suggestions and techniques, Sarah was able to help us feel in control. Our family life with our dog became enjoyable. We continued to work with

Sarah after the initial six sessions in order to perfect our life with the dog and to be able to address numerous, still arising questions. Thanks to Sarah we now have a clearer understanding of what a dog’s life is meant to be, how to keep her healthy and happy, both physically and mentally, and how to establish boundaries within the context of our family’s life and our individual needs. Thank you, Sarah, we are eternally grateful!” – Luba G., Marblehead

Sweet Guy - Great Pyrenees Mix

A year ago we adopted a three year old lab/Pyrenees rescue. A 90lb. easy going very sweet dog who would “take off” at any given moment. After too many close calls we contacted Dog Coach to help us with recall. We were so afraid that he was going to get hit by a car. We had to try and train him, or be resigned to keep him on a leash at ALL times.

Sarah taught us “basics” which we felt we already knew, as did our dog, but in reality we all needed more consistency. We were not keen on a prong collar OR the “buzzer” as we call it, but we kept reminding ourselves why we needed a trainer in the first place. Sarah would come to our home, an environment that our dog knew and loved and we were committed to working with our dog during the week. Our dog listened to her on the very first day. Hmm…

Six lessons of Remote Collar Training (with a lot of time/work in between) and we can now go ANYWHERE with our dog. He runs at the beach, in the woods, and comes when he is called. Do we still keep the buzzer on and with us? YES! But we rarely use it. BTW, I tried the buzzer out and couldn’t even feel it at 10! We keep it on 3 for our dog if he needs a reminder and will “dial up” if he “can’t” hear us call him.

The other interesting by-product of our work with Dog Coach and our wonderful dog is that he seems to have bonded with us in a very meaningful way. As a rescue we didn’t really know his history with owners – he was found (in bad shape) wandering at a power plant in Alabama. Even after months of being with us we weren’t sure that he trusted us. NOW, he is so responsive! We are family. Thank you Sarah! – Karen S.


Lucy - Mix

Our family LOVES Dog Coach! Our 9 year old dog, Lucy, had taken the back burner as we welcomed 3 children into our family (something I always swore would never happen!). Lucy was nearly impossible to walk, insane when the doorbell rang, all over our couch, etc. Enter Sarah! Sarah is the sweetest, most patient, and talented dog trainer. She somehow included all of our children into the training sessions and really bonded with our super shy daughter over dogs. We can now walk our dog all over the neighborhood with ease, she knows what is expected of her and how to behave. Bonus! Sarah boards dogs she has trained at her beautiful property in Wenham where they continue their training while we are away. We cannot recommend Dog Coach enough. As our daughter said after our last training session “I’m sad we won’t see Sarah every week now!”-Meghan K.


Hudson - Springer Spaniel

Our hope was to change unwanted behaviors and prepare our dog for growing our family in the future. We saw changes in our dog immediately with practicing the tools Sarah taught us. We did our part and the consistency paid off! An example of the most significant change noticed- our dog went from being out of control when the doorbell rang to listening to our commands and sitting still when someone came to the door. A bonus to our training was that our relationship with our dog improved. He seems less anxious and we have more confidence with him. We would highly recommend Sarah for anyone with a dog looking to change behaviors or strengthen their bond- at any age!”


Dolly - Lab Mix

dollySarah really helped us with our new puppy, Dolly. She taught us basic puppy training, most importantly she was really encouraging that we were on the right track & to keep on keepin’ on. We learned that consistency is key when training a puppy. Sarah also helped to explain the importance of Dolly’s crate time to our 5 year old twins who have certainly made it challenging to have a new puppy! With Sarah’s help we are all encouraged and excited to see the dog Dolly develops into. We highly recommend Sarah for anyone who is looking for any kind of dog training guidance.

Maisey - Great Dane

maiseyWe went from being worried and nervous about bringing Maisey outside to being able to go for walks whenever!! Mission accomplished. We were happy to be able to feel confident enough to walk Maisey around the block for 15 minutes. We passed people and I was able to correct her and after awhile she was no longer bothered! Thank you for the tools to feel confident to walk her through our busy neighborhood!

Four Dog Family

Denis D. & 4 dogsWe moved into a new house in April. Sarah was referred to me by my vet because my pack was having a lot of trouble adjusting to our new home. Things were very chaotic. Sarah quickly helped me take control over my pack teaching me how to work with them. My favorite is the “Place” command. It has helped me get all of them together quietly in one place when I need.

Perfect example, with a new house, the insurance company sent a representative to see the new house and animals (4 dogs, 2 cats). When the agent was at the house, the dogs all responded to the Place command and just stayed quietly in their “Places” showing their good behavior, whether we were inside the house and when we moved outside into the yard. The agent told the insurance company the dogs were very well behaved and trained.

I have recommended Sarah and her coaching several times. – Denise D.

Benny - Labradoodle

Cara & BennyWe called Sarah because our friends recommended her when we got a new puppy. Benny was the cutest puppy, but didn’t have any manners and was a real handful to walk every day. We new he was going to get big so we had to get better control of his behavior. He pulled on his leash, wouldn’t sit or stay for more than 1 second and didn’t come when called. In 6 sessions, Benny made a huge turnaround. He stays on his “place,” lays down on command, comes when called and is a lot of fun to walk now. Sarah taught us great skills we can fall back on when he misbehaves too. We highly recommend her for any dog training needs!

Benny is just the best dog we have ever had. Time invested upfront was so worth it! – Cara B.


Addie - Bernie

Chris & Juli LaFrance, AddieWe met Sarah at the perfect time! We were in need of some help with our pup not listening and getting too excited which would lead to fresh behavior. She helped us gain her attention and respect. We now know how to control our pup when she gets way too overwhelmed. I would recommend Sarah to anyone else with these issues and any other issues as she is very knowledgeable and knows what she’s doing! Thank you, Sarah!  –Juli & Chris


Jenny - Labradoodle

JennyTraining Jenny on the E-Collar with Sarah has reduced everyone’s stress levels, especially mine! It was a side effect that I didn’t expect. I actually feel calmer now and use a calm tone of voice with her. I don’t need to shout at the dog anymore or be embarrassed by her furious barking and growling when guests arrive.

We chose E-Collar training specifically to have more control when people come to the door. By correcting her on the E-Collar she calms down and now it’s a pleasure to have people over. She’s not aggressive towards visitors anymore and I’m more relaxed and feel better. And it’s easier for Jennie to act better.

And it continues to get better. Now during Friday night movie and pizza night she doesn’t jump around barking and fussing and try to get our food. She’s just calmly in “place”. With the E-Collar we’re able to enjoy our pizza while watching the movie and don’t have to jump up to correct her.

We’ve found that the E-Collar is a great tool to use and has helped us all feel more comfortable. When she is noticeably more calm, then we’re less stressed, too. Charlene P. Rockport

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