Dog Coach Testimonials & Success Stories


This typical 18 week old Yellow Lab started acting like a teenager. CATCHER was excessively nipping, jumping, and barking all while putting on weight and getting bigger. This family just wanted to get out in front of his developing is- sues to train the family dog of their dreams.

CATCHER has been through all Dog Coach programs and is
a full training success for this family. They have learned to manage his behavior with appropriate training tools and feel comfortable bringing him into any social situation. The two younger boys in the family can handle him better now as well.


When MUGSY and his owners started Remote Collar Training, he could not be around any new people or dogs. Anything strange sent him into barking, growling, and lunging. He
had basic obedience around low level distractions but they wanted to take him hiking, to be a better part of their family, and be a reliable, off-leash dog.

They worked hard on training MUGSY. They changed his diet as well as learned how to be appropriate leaders to teach him to make better choices. Because of their dedication, MUGSY is a different dog.


These owners found Dog Coach after having an unsuccessful 6 hour training experience for their 3 year old German Short- haired Pointer PEPPER. They had already been trying to learn to use a remote collar but had not been instructed in its proper use. PEPPER very quickly learned to respond to the low-level corrections we teach and made huge progress in recall and self-settling. Remote collar instruction did not intensify her natural excitability but in fact caused her to settle and pay more attention which made a stronger bond with her.

“We had doubts about whether we would ever be able to change our dog’s behavior since she isn’t a puppy anymore. We were wrong!” – Leah F.


DENNIS is a two year old Havanese that almost caused his owners to lose their condo; he was an incessant barker. His owners chalked that up to separation anxiety as he would “scream” whenever left alone. They had trouble teaching him basic commands and he also did a lot of resource guard- ing around food and toys.

He made great progress in the Foundation Program and went on to the Advanced Training Remote Collar program. He can now attend Day and Overnight Training here with no issues and gets along with all dogs. He can remain calm and quiet in his crate, his comfortable dog den.


This owner’s contact form mentioned a household with 4 children and a lot of bad behavior from EDIE: “chewing on furniture (destroyed a couch….), incessant barking at delivery men, kids at bus stop and neighborhood dogs. She barks fiercely and runs from window to window. She has damaged the window sills and back door with her jumping and treadmill style scratching.” After completing the Dog Coach Foundation Program and Advanced Training Remote Collar she made a complete turnaround with happy owners.


The family of MOJO had just had a newborn daughter. They knew it would be a challenge to have a family around a dog like 2 year old MOJO. He had bitten a neighbor which required stitches, he never would come when called, would jump at every greeting, and would nip at other dogs on the leash.

The Foundation Program made an immediate difference in how MOJO would listen to his owners. With consistent leash practice on a prong collar and full crate training (which he had never previously done) he became a pleasant family member and a peach to take on a walk. Crate training for MOJO was a real game changer, teaching him how to be more calm.