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We can help your dog

be the best dog ever.

You want a good dog and a fun dog?
You can have both!

With Dog Coach, you can have

the best dog in the neighborhood!

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Grassy Background for Dog Coach

Live the fun life you want to have

with the best dog in the neighborhood!

Dog Coach owner Sarah Prescott's dog Darla sitting in the grass.

Dog Coach is the best choice in family dog training for obedience and behavior modification on the North Shore of Boston.

You want to shake up life and make changes. That’s good. Especially when it comes to building a great relationship with your dog.

Whether you are experiencing basic dog training problems or trying to control behavior issues like uncontrolled barking, housebreaking, rough play, leash pulling, jumping on guests, or moderate aggression, Dog Coach can help.

Creating a family-centered canine life

Dog owners in communities on the North Shore of Boston can take advantage of the unique, effective and balanced approach to dog training at Dog Coach. Focused on personal instruction in your home or at our training barn in Wenham, our methods build up your canine relationship to a full-family experience.

Dog Coach empowers you with dog handling skills to make the positive changes that encourage good manners in your pet. Our quest is nothing less than showing you the way to have the dog of your dreams with the most efficient and humane training methods.

Our instruction encourages best behaviors to create a calm, balanced state of mind for your dog with tools and techniques that are easy to use, give you confidence to take charge, and put the fun back into life with your dog.

Call us today at 978-578-5138 and you’ll see why Dog Coach is the North Shore’s most trusted resource for Creating a Family-Centered Canine Life.


“You are always in control. Stay relaxed. Be confident and comfortable.

These are the basics to master and are at the heart of all of our Dog Coach Programs. See training in action


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Imagine the vision: the dog of your dreams! Creating total confidence, reflected in your happiness and the fun-filled life of your dog.
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