Dog Coach is the best choice in family dog training for obedience and behavior modification on the North Shore of Boston.

You want to shake up life and make changes. That’s good. Especially when it comes to building a great relationship with your dog.

Puppy Training

Puppies require a soft sensibility and for that, we offer instruction on becoming gentle teachers and leaders for the whole family.

Dog Training

Whether young or old all dogs want to learn to follow your direction.

Our Team

Meet Sarah and Jonathan Prescott and learn how they got started with their dog training programs.



“Dog Coach changed our lives- the ‘our’ being my foxhound/beagle mix, Buddy, and me.”

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“True to his name, he likes pretty much all dogs and people and they all like him. And true to his hound roots, his favorite things are running and nose to the ground sniffing and best of all, running with his nose to the ground. So, for the next two years, our walks consisted of Buddy pulling me after a scent or me dragging him away from a scent. It was not fun for either of us.

I tried obedience classes, but Buddy is not at all food motivated, and since those classes used food for training, they were unsuccessful and frustrating. My goals were simple: I wanted to be able to walk calmly with Buddy, to take him to places confident that he would behave and to let him off leash to run when we were hiking. I knew we had to go in another direction. I had some experience with remote collars and how effective they could be as a training tool, so I decided to look for someone who used them in training, but I found it challenging to find a trainer whose philosophy and method I was comfortable with. And it was important to me to be a part of the training process – I needed to be trained as much as Buddy – so that eliminated the places that take your dog for a month and send him home “trained”.

After much searching, I finally found Sarah and Remote Collar Training at Dog Coach. After our first conversation, I felt strongly that Buddy and I had found who we were meant to find and after our first meeting, I was sure of that. Fast forward about 3 months from our first lesson. I am proud and delighted to say that Buddy and I now are model walking companions and he is the perfect guest when we go into stores. He is calm and so am I. But most importantly, he is now entirely off leash when we get to the trails and parks. Let me repeat, in 3 months, I can let him off his leash and he comes when he is called. I rarely even have to use the remote anymore since he responds just to my voice. People come up to me to remark on how well behaved he is and to marvel at how he responds to commands, even in the midst of a frenzied dog park. So, to say that Sarah changed our lives is not an understatement. I highly recommend Dog Coach.”

– Deb C.


“We are seeing many positive changes in Chapo with each day that goes by.”

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“Wonderful experience with my 1 year old German Shepherd/Husky mix, Chapo! As a first time dog owner, having such an energetic and excited boy was challenging to manage around other people until Jonathan was able to provide us with the tools we needed, guidance, and support. We are almost done with the program and are seeing many positive changes with each day that goes by. I recommend Dog Coach to anyone dealing with any sort of behavioral stressors with their dog. Beyond thankful!”

– Ina B.


“Willow was an anxious dog when out of her element and we were having trouble managing her anxiety.”

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“Willow was an anxious dog when out of her element and we were having trouble managing her anxiety. She was barking and growling in the house throughout the day at almost anyone who walked by and had a really difficult time out on walks.  She was constantly pulling us in different directions and would even make her own decisions on when it was time to stop and turn around. She would freeze up and then just pull us back home.  After training with Dog Coach, Willow is a completely different dog. She is relaxed in the house and out on walks. We have gone on walks as long as 2 miles now where she can calmly walk past strangers and even other dogs without barking or getting distracted by them barking at her. It is the best feeling knowing I can walk her anywhere and we can both enjoy ourselves, especially as the summer days are coming. I can’t say thank you enough. I am so glad we found Sarah and Dog Coach!!”

-Erica M.

Creating a family-centered canine life

Dog owners in communities on the North Shore of Boston can take advantage of the unique, effective and balanced approach to dog training at Dog Coach. We offer one-on-one personal instruction in your home or at our training barn in Wenham.

Dog Coach empowers you with dog handling skills to make changes that consistently encourage good manners in your pet. Our quest is nothing less than showing you the way to have the dog of your dreams with the most efficient and humane training methods to build up your canine relationship.

Whether you are experiencing basic dog training problems or trying to control behavior issues like uncontrolled barkinghousebreakingrough play, leash pulling, jumping on guests, or moderate aggression, Dog Coach can help.

Dog Coach is the North Shore’s most trusted resource for Creating a Family-Centered Canine Life.