Advanced Remote Collar

E-Collar Training for Dog Coach Program Graduates

Dog Coach offers Advanced Remote Collar Training as three one-hour sessions for eligible clients who have completed Foundation Training. This program is focused on persistent behavior issues as well as off-leash control.

3-Session Remote Collar Program is for:

  • Increased off-leash control
  • Increased on-leash responsiveness
  • Counter surfing
  • Excessive barking
  • Impeccable communication with precise commands




Remote collar training requires a strong desire and commitment to create a well-behaved dog by taking on the necessary work to meet your higher expectations. Your success is a function of practice time and consistent follow-through. Like all of our programs, Advanced Remote Collar Training requires full commitment of your family and all who handle your dog’s leash. This unique and specialized program from Dog Coach teaches you to relate your expectations with zero confusion and train a confident family dog.

If you have completed our Foundation Training and need more tools and strategy to manage your dog, our three-session Advanced Remote Collar Program can make next-level training a reality. If you have not previously trained with us, check out our five-session Remote Collar Program.

Advanced Remote Collar Pricing

    Training at the Wenham Training Barn

    (3) Sessions of 1-on-1 training at the Wenham Training Barn


    In-Home Training

    (3) Sessions of In-Home Training at your residence


    Advanced Remote Collar Training includes (3) one-hour training sessions and Mini-Educator model collar from E-Collar Technologies ($200.00 value). Package pricing does not include remote collar sales tax. Training is to be completed during an agreed-upon 3-to-6-week period. We offer this training using collars by E-Collar Technologies exclusively. Prices are subject to change.

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    DOG COACH builds confidence, comfort, and control in dog handling skills so families can trust their dog and have more fun.

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