Advanced Remote Collar

E-Collar Training for Dog Coach Program Graduates

Dog Coach offers Advanced Remote Collar Training as three one-hour sessions for eligible clients who have completed Foundation Training. This program is focused on persistent behavior issues as well as off-leash control.

3-Session Remote Collar Program is for:

  • Increased off-leash control
  • Increased on-leash responsiveness
  • Counter surfing
  • Excessive barking
  • Impeccable communication with precise commands




Remote collar training requires a strong desire and commitment to create a well-behaved dog by taking on the necessary work to meet your higher expectations. Your success is a function of practice time and consistent follow-through. Like all of our programs, Advanced Remote Collar Training requires full commitment of your family and all who handle your dog’s leash. This unique and specialized program from Dog Coach teaches you to relate your expectations with zero confusion and train a confident family dog.

If you have completed our Foundation Training and need more tools and strategy to manage your dog, our three-session Advanced Remote Collar Program can make next-level training a reality. If you have not previously trained with us, check out our five-session Remote Collar Program.

Advanced Remote Collar Pricing

    Training at the Wenham Training Barn

    (3) Sessions of 1-on-1 training at the Wenham Training Barn


    In-Home Training

    (3) Sessions of In-Home Training at your residence


    Advanced Remote Collar Training includes (3) one-hour training sessions and Mini-Educator model collar from E-Collar Technologies ($200.00 value). Package pricing does not include remote collar sales tax. Training is to be completed during an agreed-upon 3-to-6-week period. We offer this training using collars by E-Collar Technologies exclusively. Prices are subject to change.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Remote Collars

    What is an E-Collar?

    An E-Collar, also called a remote collar and short for electronic collar, is a dog training system that consists of a wireless remote and a wireless receiver. E-Collars allow you to remotely send a signal to your dog to clearly communicate the difference between yes (good behavior) from no (bad behavior).

    Are e-collars safe?

    Yes, remote collars are safe and utilize similar technology used in human physical therapy practice for muscle stimulation. We exclusively use remote collars made by E-Collar Technologies. The brand offers a unique calibration with the lowest level signal not even detectable on human skin but effective for training dogs.  The signal becomes a virtual leash that allows excellent and safe communication.  We have found that other branded remote collars can be calibrated too high or with inconsistent delivery of signal. Collars from E-Collar Technologies are the best calibrated remote collars for training family dogs. We have found that other branded remote collars can be calibrated too high or with inconsistent delivery of signal. Collars from E-Collar Technologies are the best calibrated remote collars for training family dogs. You can read more on their website and on our blog.

    Why do you use e-collars for dog training?

    When recommended, Dog Coach teaches e-collar training for the fastest, most effective way to teach your dog to pay attention to your commands. Remote collars are also an excellent way to promote an all-important calm and stable state of mind for your dog. Our family dogs want us to set parameters in the clearest way possible so they can follow through on expectations we hold for them. This can be done through the e-collar signal used as an extension of your commands. The Dog Coach Remote Collar Program trains owners to understand and anticipate their dogs excitement level and teaches a humane and appropriate response.

    I already own an e-collar, can I use it?

    We are happy to work with owner-supplied E-Collar Technologies collars. We offer an equipment discount for supplying your own remote collar.

    Will the e-collar help with barking and whining?

    Training your dog to recognize and understand the meaning of the e-collar signal allows the handler to convey a precise and appropriate signal to stop unwanted behaviors. These can range from barking and whining to jumping and pulling.

    Is the remote collar waterproof?

    E-Collar Technologies collars are water resistant (up to 500’ below sea level) and can safely be used in the rain, on the water, and while your dog is swimming. It does not float however.

    Do you use tone or vibrate to train dogs?

    We exclusively work with the e-collar signal function and don’t train you and your dog using tone or vibrate. Neither tone nor vibrate have different levels to respond to the highly variable excitement of certain dogs. The wide signal range of the collar delivers the appropriate low-level signal to communicate clearly with your dog.

    Is an e-collar a shock collar?

    Historically, electronic collars delivered a much higher signal to the dog. When the term “shock” is used, the concept of the collar is misunderstood. E-Collar Technologies collars allow the delivery of low-level signal that can be undetected by the human hand. It is just a slight stim to remind your dog to pay attention or knock off the poor behavior. With consistent and appropriate low-level use, dogs make better behavior decisions and the need for any e-collar signal is reduced.

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