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Dog Coach Advanced Training

Creating a family-centered canine life

Dog Coach Advanced Training is intended to be an immersion experience for your dog to strengthen the training you’ve already done with Dog Coach to improve your dog’s behavior. Advanced Training accelerates relationship building with your canine in response to your higher expectations, especially with Remote Collar training. When you have a solid commitment to master your dog’s issues and want relaxed control in all situations these programs can step up your game.

Dog Coach Advanced Training is not dog day-care nor is it mere dog boarding. When your dog is in our care all the lessons of Dog Coach training are put to use and strengthened, giving you assurance your dog is making progress in obedience while allowing you the freedom to keep up your schedule.

By having your dogwork with us you can rev up your dog training during the workweek or whenever a time crunch or family plans make it tough to handle challenging behavior situations. Overnight Training can help relieve stress by knowing your dog is receiving care and focus that fully engages the good behavior you want in your dog companionship.

The work we do with your dog is most effective when household and family management is fully supportive. For this reason Advanced Training is a great choice for owners who want instruction and support to uphold training goals and high expectations.

The specific benefits of Advanced  Training include:

  • Strengthen previous Remote Collar and Foundation Training
  • Dog Socialization
  • Day Training and Overnight Training option
  • Expert advising and assessment for persistent issues

Best Neighborhood Dog

The Best Neighborhood Dog Program is a re-focus on the good manners learned through completing previous Dog Coach Programs. It’s an active opportunity to stick with and redouble your efforts to bring your dog in line with your expectations. We work one on one with you to brush up on all previous training and assess persistent issues that your dog is struggling with.

Day Training

The Day Training Program* at Dog Coach consists of additional lessons that follow from Dog Coach Remote Collar Training. Dogs arrive from 7-10am and return home 3-6pm each day. Completion of Foundation Training or Remote Collar Program required.

Overnight Training

Overnight Training* is an option for dogs that have completed the Dog Coach Foundation Program or Remote Collar Training. Completion of Foundation Training or Remote Collar Program required.

* pre-program dog evaluation required

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