Dog Coach Advanced Training

Dog Coach Advanced Training is balanced dog training that ramps up lessons for becoming a more assertive, confident leader for your dog. Advanced Programs are an option after completing Foundation Training or our Remote Collar Program to strengthen training you’ve already done with Dog Coach.

Our Advanced Training Programs are a key component in going after a successful training plan – which is your goal to have an all-around well behaved family dog. We support your commitment to higher behavior expectations and to building a lasting relationship.

When you decide to master your dog’s behavioral issues and want confidence and control in all situations, our Advanced Programs are additional support beyond our initial training sessions with you.

The benefits of these programs include:

  • Strengthen your previous Dog Coach training
  • Focus on balanced dog socialization
  • Get expert assessment and advice
  • Have a written training plan after every session of Day or Overnight Training
  • Gain support for persistent behavioral issues

Advanced Training Programs:

Best Neighborhood Dog

The Best Neighborhood Dog Program is a continuation of our balanced training methods taught in Foundation Training and Remote Collar Program. Double down on your dog training efforts with more one-on-one sessions to brush up on your dog handling skill and assess persistent dog issues that are still a struggle. 

Foundation Training or Remote Collar Program is required before starting Best Neighborhood Dog.

Advanced Remote Collar

Advanced Remote Collar Program is (3) one-hour sessions for clients who have completed Dog Coach Foundation Training. This program is focused on more comfort and control in dog handling, dealing with persistent behavior issues, and rock solid off-leash recall. Training your dog is a process and we stick with you both every step of the way.

Foundation Training is required before starting Advanced Remote Collar.

Day Training

The Day Training Program at Dog Coach differs from other drop-off programs in that your dog is under close management by dog trainers who are following your training plan and upholding all the lessons actively practiced at home.

Dogs are dropped off in the morning and picked up in the evening after a structured day of balanced socialization, play time, and crate time as appropriate. Day Training reinforces respect for your leadership and the on-leash and off-leash calmness taught in our prerequisite programs.

Dogs are eligible for Day Training with completion of Remote Collar Program and trainer recommendation.

Overnight Training

The Overnight Training Program is available to eligible clients and their dogs who have successfully completed our Remote Collar Program. The program supports and reinforces desirable behavior that owners have been working to achieve at home with the added training benefit of overnights away from the family. Dog Coach Overnight Training offers care and training support that does not compromise the good behavior you have worked so hard to maintain. 

Successful completion of Remote Collar Program and Day Training evaluation is required prior to trainer recommendation for our Overnight Program.


Two dog friends on leashes

Social Workout

Social Workout is an invitation-based small group session for clients and their dogs to practice recall, meeting other dogs, light play, and working around distractions. This one-hour group workout is designed to boost owners’ confidence and practice managing their dogs in new situations.

Dogs can be eligible for Dog Coach Social Workout with successful completion of Remote Collar Training and trainer recommendation.