Foundation Training

Whether young or old all dogs want to learn to follow your direction

Would you like to open up a new relationship with your dog? The decision to start training is usually tied to the realization that your dog has not been living up to your expectations and life just isn’t that fun anymore.

In the Dog Coach Foundation Program we offer the remedy: obedience training in all the basic commands for Sit, Place (Stay), Heel, Recall/Come, and Down. Most common dog behavior issues (like pulling, lunging, barking, growling, etc.) are also discussed in detail and overcome in these essential lessons in dog obedience.

The Foundation Program covers basic expectations of good dog behavior including:

  • Be relaxed and calm whenever you need him to be calm
  • Sleep through the night without waking you
  • Listen and follow your commands the first time given
  • Allow you to pick up food and toys at any time
  • Remain in place and not wander your home and be underfoot
  • Travel well and quietly in vehicles
Black and White Pitbull on a leash
white and brown terrier mix sitting during dog training wearing prong collar

What The Foundation Program Teaches

We encourage all of these behaviors and more with specific instruction in:

  • Crate training – An indispensable way to teach your dog a calm state of mind
  • Food matters – Mealtime is one of the best times to win your dog’s heart
  • Door and threshold etiquette – Every door is an opportunity to connect with your dog
  • Structured walk – Whenever a leash is on your dog they have a job to do. Dogs love to be given a job.
  • Good Playtime – Sharpening your perception of how well your dog plays with others
  • Relieving stress, anxiety and other nuisance behaviors as necessary – So much can be overcome with a new understanding of how we lead our dogs to a healthy life

The Foundation Program incorporates the proper use of a prong collar, which gives a safe and humane way to interact with your dog to communicate and promote the behavior you want. A prong collar, while rugged in appearance, is actually not injurious to your dog’s neck, one of the strongest muscles in their body. In using this collar, dog handling and communication becomes an easier task and promotes a more balanced state of mind for your dog with you in control and him following your lead.

Foundation Program training requires a strong desire to have a well-behaved dog and the commitment to make it a reality. The success you will have is a function of practice time and follow-through and will take the full cooperation of your entire family. Working through the lessons in this Dog Coach program will strengthen and improve your dog’s sense of relationship with family and friends, old and new.

Instruction on becoming an effective leader for your dog is a key component of this unique and specialized program from Dog Coach and shows you how to create a foundation of calm for your family dog and to relate your expectations with zero confusion.

We know you have the ability. It’s all about nurturing the right skills!

Foundation Training Pricing

Training at the Wenham Training Barn

(5) sessions at the Wenham Training Barn


In-Home Training

(5) sessions of In-Home Training at your residence


Programs include five hour-long training sessions, 6’ leash, long-line recall leash, and a fitted prong collar. Training to be completed during an agreed upon  5 to 7 week period.

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