Team Puppy (For dogs 8 to 16 weeks)

Puppies require a soft sensibility and for that we offer instruction on becoming gentle teachers and leaders for the whole family

The Dog Coach Team Puppy Program will start your dog with early training in the basics of a winning relationship. Puppies are always learning from the world around them which allows frequent opportunities to follow your direction and lead them toward polite manners. Puppyhood is a special time to enjoy young dog activities and nurture a healthy, loving relationship.

Some of the puppy behavior that we discuss and appreciate includes:

  • Being playful and allowing time to rest
  • A natural potty schedule
  • Devoted attention at mealtimes
  • Dependence on your sensitive care and guidance
yellow lab puppy in a training session lying down on cement floor with toy at owner's feet
puppy playing with toys during training

What Your Puppy Will Learn

By encouraging your leadership we show how to nurture good behavior like:

  • A feeding and sleeping schedule – A great opportunity for the whole family to bond with your dog
  • Potty training – Time to assign chores! (a refrigerator chart works perfectly)
  • Crate training – No punishment involved, only relaxation and down-time
  • Walking with a leash – Key lessons in leadership and connecting with your dog
  • Setting boundaries – We explore new frontiers in household management
  • Controlling nipping, barking, and more – Learning a new way to perceive what your dog is up to

These Program lessons set the stage for the Dog Coach Foundation Program which is comprehensive obedience training generally appropriate for your dog after 4 months of age. As puppies can typically be the first dog for the household we make it an essential part of the Team Puppy Program to field all your questions as they arise.

Team Puppy Program is also offered in a condensed format of (3) online video conference sessions. As with all online instruction, the benefit of this program is based on your dedication to engage with your puppy and commit to understanding your dog’s early behavior. It can sometimes feel like work to have fun with your dog!

Team Puppy Program is offered as one-on-one training.

Team Puppy Pricing

    Online Training

    (3) Sessions of 1-on-1 training via video conference


    Training at the Wenham Training Barn

    (3) Sessions of 1-on-1 training with owner at the Wenham Training Barn


    In-Home Training

    (3) Sessions of In-Home Training at your residence


    Online Training consists of three half-hour training sessions. In-Home and Training Barn programs include three hour-long training sessions with a 6’ leash included. All training programs to be completed during an agreed upon 3- to 5-week period.

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