Dog Coach Training

Creating a family-centered canine life

Dog Coach dog training is results-driven, effective almost immediately, and gives you success that is easy to repeat with regular practice. All of our training programs are based on the principle that you can indeed learn the skills that anticipate unwanted antics and stop bad behavior before it happens. The balanced dog training methods we utilize have outstanding success in teaching families how to encourage better behavior while setting reasonable and respectful boundaries.

Our dog training programs address most forms of challenging dog behavior, including but not limited to:

  • Basic obedience issues
  • Dog-to-dog aggression
  • Leash reactivity
  • Food and resource guarding
  • Fear and separation anxiety
  • Socialization

At Dog Coach we are champions of the goals and expectations you have for improving life with your dog, especially in beginning new routines that support the changes you want to make.

Our style of personal instruction is a deep dive into how you and your family interact with your dog, showing you techniques and strategies that make for a happy dog and a happier dog family. The training hours we spend with you in hands-on instruction and ongoing assessment will build up your confidence and relaxed control which is so essential for a healthy canine life.

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Foundation Training

A comprehensive approach to dog training that covers basic obedience as well as full crate training, food management, threshold etiquette, and a proper structured walk. Most other dog behavior issues are handled in this program as well.

Remote Collar Training

If your goal is to have complete freedom and dependability off­-leash, both inside your home and out in your neighborhood, remote collar training is an excellent choice. This program is for both general dog training for off-leash freedom as well as behavior modification where an ‘invisible leash’ is essential to maintain control over excessive behaviors.


We’ve answered some of the most common questions about our programs. 

Featured Testimonial

Marybeth and Mike R. with DECLAN

Dog Coach Programs assure your success not by simply adding obedience commands to your typical day. We instruct you on setting up the necessary conditions that inspire your dog to relax and consistently choose to behave. Have more fun with your dog!