Dog Coach owner Sarah Prescott and her dog Darla sitting in the grass.

To have an obedient dog…

we should all aspire to be confident leaders.

Our Team

Sara Prescott

Sarah Prescott

Honoring every family dog with balance in love and leadership

Sarah Prescott grew up raising dogs and watched some succeed wonderfully while others struggled horribly to learn appropriate behavior. She came to realize it takes a lot of hard work to socialize and nurture obedience in a dog. While raising puppies in California for Guide Dogs for the Blind she gained deep satisfaction in teaching young pups to grow into well-socialized Guide Dogs.

Sarah started Dog Coach training programs when her youngest child was in 8th grade and she could revisit her early passion for dog training. To build the training programs at Dog Coach Sarah searched out and tested best-practices with her own dogs, focusing on the personal discipline and leadership absolutely essential to train a dog effectively. After sharing her love of dogs with training clients you can usually find Sarah planning a night out dancing.


Jonathan Prescott

Jonathan Prescott

Teaching sensible relationships to raise healthy dogs

Jonathan Prescott returned to his Beverly roots after learning the detail-oriented skill of wooden boat building in Maine. Inspired by his love of craftsmanship and the drive to maintain the region’s finest yachts  he worked closely with clients on the North Shore during a 30-year career in boat yard management and customer service.

Jonathan started Dog Coach training programs with his wife Sarah to continue delighting clients and  help dog owners have more fun and improve life with their pets. Jonathan is passionate about how our dogs  present an opportunity for personal change  and can be the inspiration we need to achieve our highest goals. After the dogs are trained for the day he loves to be out sailing with Sarah off Baker’s Island.

Jonathan Prescott


Sarah and Jonathan Prescott

Watch these great videos of Sarah Prescott and Darla:

Imagine the vision: the dog of your dreams! Creating total confidence, reflected in your happiness and the fun-filled life of your dog.

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