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Sarah and Jonathan Prescott

Honoring every family dog with balance in love and leadership

Sarah Prescott grew up raising dogs and watched some succeed wonderfully while others struggled horribly to learn appropriate behavior. She came to realize it takes a lot of hard work to socialize and nurture obedience in a dog. While raising puppies in California for Guide Dogs for the Blind she gained deep satisfaction in teaching young pups to grow into well-socialized Guide Dogs.

Sarah started Dog Coach training programs when her youngest child was in 8th grade and she could revisit her early passion for dog training. To build the training programs at Dog Coach Sarah searched out and tested best-practices with her own dogs, focusing on the personal discipline and leadership absolutely essential to train a dog effectively. After sharing her love of dogs with training clients you can usually find Sarah planning a night out dancing.

Teaching sensible relationships to raise healthy dogs

Jonathan Prescott returned to his Beverly roots after learning the detail-oriented skill of wooden boat building in Maine. Inspired by his love of craftsmanship and the drive to maintain the region’s finest yachts he worked closely with clients on the North Shore during a 30-year career in boat yard management and customer service.

Jonathan started Dog Coach training programs with his wife Sarah to continue delighting clients and help dog owners have more fun and improve life with their pets. Jonathan is passionate about how our dogs present an opportunity for personal change and can be the inspiration we need to achieve our highest goals. After the dogs are trained for the day he loves to be out sailing with Sarah off Baker’s Island.

Jonathan Prescott

Nurturing the best training decisions for clients and their dogs

Mariah (Prescott) Fancy joined the Dog Coach team after years of watching her parents grow the business. In addition to insight from training her own animals, she brings experience in sales development, marketing, and customer service to her several roles. From invoicing to booking the training schedule, Mariah enjoys building client relationships while leading the charge on Dog Coach marketing initiatives.

She’s been an animal lover since day one, starting with multiple family dogs and leading to life as an avid equestrian, humble cat keeper, and dedicated dog owner of NEL.

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Team Puppy Training

Encourages your leadership and show how you to nurture good behavior. 

Foundation Training

Covers the basics of good dog behavior as well as some behavior modification.

Remote Collar Training

Foundation Training with e-collar for total off-leash freedom and behavior modification.


Sarah and the Dog Coach crew are great! After the 5 sessions with them, our dog is much more obedient and we can finally go on walks and hikes without a leash!


We highly recommend Sarah and Jonathan to anyone looking to improve their pup's discipline, listening, self-control, or even just looking to deepen their relationship and bond with their dog. We did Sarah and Jonathan's remote collar program with our two year old very high energy dog and saw results quickly. Their methods and clear instructions really resonated with us and are simple to apply at home and continue to work on beyond the initial coaching sessions. Their goal is to help you achieve a calm and happy "family-friendly" dog, which is great for the household and makes everyone, dog and human, happier all around. Thank you Dog Coach LLC for your wisdom and work with our guy!


Amazing team of individuals that truly understand the needs of dog owners & their dogs. Would be a Bargain at twice the price. Anyone who’s thinking of going to training with their dog would absolutely benefit from working with these professionals! I never imagined that simple e-collar training sessions would have had such an impact on my life!


I cannot speak highly enough of the work Sarah does! When we first started working with Sarah, our 1 year old beagle, Elio, was beginning to drive us bananas and we new something needed to change!

Sarah's approach to dog training is based on structure, consistency, and being a leader for your pet. With my dog's strong nose and stubborn personality, I never thought I'd see the day where he would't be pulling my arm off on a walk, stay calm/quiet while guests entered our home, or even respond to his own name; but with Sarah's guidance this is now a reality!

We are now able to enjoy our dog, Elio, in all the ways we'd hoped and we couldn't be more grateful for Sarah and her team at DogCoach!


I can’t thank Sarah and her family enough for all the training tools/ techniques they taught my family! We took our 11 month old dog to Dog Coach because of his excessive barking, pulling on leash, and becoming aggressive towards other dogs. Within our first visit Bentley was a different dog. He no longer pulls on leash, barking is almost non existent and he has learned how to socialize with other dogs appropriately. We learned little changes we could make in our routines at home to help Bentley feel more comfortable and confident. Best of all Sarah took the time with our children so they understood the training and allowed our son (8) to learn some fun agility skills to practice with Bentley. Bentley loved his visits with Sarah and her pups. Sarah is very responsive and I am happy to recommend her to any dog owner looking for help.


Our amazing Lab puppy was doing everything he was supposed to as an untrained pup - jumping on people, pulling like a freight train, etc. Dog Coach provided a personalized approach to training our puppy, gave us what we needed to succeed. Jonathan took the time to understand what we were looking to get out of the sessions (in our case mostly leash and eventual off-leash handling) and Sarah worked with us each week.

After a couple weeks we had huge improvements in behavior and our puppy is calmer and happier. You have to put in the time for sure, but the rewards are well worth it and you owe it to your pup to do it right. Sarah is an excellent trainer, really looks to understand how it’s going with your training and always willing to help with questions. We worked at her barn and property which made for a great setting. We would recommend Sarah and Dog Coach to anyone on the North Shore.


Dog Coach saved us! Like many families staying home during the pandemic, we thought it would be a great opportunity to invite a puppy into our lives. One problem, we knew nothing about puppies! We signed our new pup up for Team Puppy, and Jonathan was there for us every step of the way. He helped us understand what to expect and how to best navigate crate training, potty training and basic commands. With so much training "noise" out there, we felt focused and that we were in the best hands to show us how to raise our puppy from the beginning. Thank you, Dog Coach!


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