Remote Collar Training

There’s nothing finer than having an unleashed dog

Is your dog making bad choices, not listening to you, often uncontrollable, or easily over-excited and supercharged? If any of these dog behaviors are part of your day it’s likely you are missing out on a big part of the fun of owning a dog. Remote collar training with Dog Coach can put the fun back into the dog-loving lifestyle you have been searching for.

Our Remote Collar Program is the ideal training choice to give your dog freedom to run while handing you control to direct him from distances up to ½ mile in range. The ‘invisible leash’ control that a remote collar provides is the best way to achieve and assure full off-leash command of your dog wherever you go, in all situations. No previous training is necessary to begin enjoying all the advantages of this excellent mode of communication with your canine.

Training your dog with the latest engineering in low-level remote collars is safe and extremely effective in creating a calm and stable mind state, an essential starting point for all training. Modern low-level remote collars are very different  in that electronic collars for dogs originally could not be adjusted for slight stimulation. Now, adjustment and control with E-Collar Technologies patented collars can be dialed in and locked for the lowest level of reminder to the dog. In fact, the working level  signal for many dogs cannot be detected by the human hand.

The Remote Collar Program

The Remote Collar Program covers instruction in obedience and resolving behavior issues by returning to the basics.  Instruction is offered for the commands for Sit, Place(Stay), Heel, Recall/Come, and Down, with the additional benefit of off-leash distance recall.  Other common behavior issues (pulling, lunging, barking, growling, etc.) are discussed in detail and overcome with this program. Essential lessons in crate training, food matters, doorway etiquette and the benefits of a structured walk are also included. Specific remote collar training for relieving stress, anxiety, moderate aggression or other excessive behaviors is covered as necessary.

Instruction on becoming an effective leader for your dog is an important part of the Remote Collar Program. This training requires a strong desire and commitment to create a well behaved dog by thoroughly understanding the work that is necessary to meet the expectations you set. The success you will have is a function of practice time and follow-through and will require full cooperation of your entire family. This unique and specialized program from Dog Coach helps you teach a calm mind and relate your expectations with zero confusion to your family dog.

The 5-session Remote Collar program includes all lessons found in the Foundation Program. For owners with dogs who have previously completed Dog Coach Foundation Program, remote collar training will be focused on persistent behavior issues as well as off-leash control.

Remote Collar Training Pricing

Training at the Wenham Training Barn

(5) Training sessions at Wenham Training Barn


In-Home Training

(5) In-Home training sessions at your residence


Remote Collar Training includes (5) one-hour training sessions, 6’ leash,  long-line recall leash, fitted prong collar, and Mini-Educator model collar from E-Collar Technologies ($200.00 value). Package pricing does not include remote collar sales tax. Training is to be completed during an agreed-upon 5-to-7-week period. We offer this training using collars by E-Collar Technologies exclusively. Prices are subject to change.

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