Best Neighborhood Dog

Is it time for more strategy to change your dog’s habits?

The Best Neighborhood Dog Program is for owners who want more training after graduating from our Foundation TrainingRemote Collar, or Advanced Remote Collar Program. The work that goes into having a calm, confident, and attentive dog is a process that can take additional training support and more one-on-one work with a trainer to focus on obedience and behavioral issues.

Best Neighborhood Dog instruction will raise the bar of your dog training results by meeting your desire for an awesome dog with a strong commitment to make change happen. Each session ends with written recommendations you can add to your training plan. There’s always plenty to practice!

Some examples of behavior we encourage in the Best Neighborhood Dog include:

  • Does not jump on people when greeting them
  • Plays well with all dogs
  • Does not chase the mailman, ever
  • Does not rush the front door whenever the doorbell rings
  • Will always come when called, straight back to you
  • Is calm when being fed
  • Is relaxed whenever you need him to be relaxed

Best Neighborhood Dog is a focus on:

  • Teaching your dog good choices – Do certain habits in your dog keep repeating?
  • Balanced socialization – Can your dog ignore other dogs as appropriate? Can you manage your dog greeting other dogs and strangers?
  • Tougher distractions – How does your dog respond to your commands when the toughest distractions are present, like squirrels, food, or visitors?
  • Perfecting your Structured Walk – Is your dog handling skill able to meet your dog’s walk habits? 
  • Advanced lesson scenarios – Can you anticipate your dog making a good decision or a poor choice? Can you take control of your dog’s toughest behavior or is it still stressful?

Life with your dog takes a daily commitment to teach him to grow along with you. The advanced techniques and strategies in the Best Neighborhood Dog Program will challenge you to be a leader and imagine a new relationship with your dog. 

Best Neighborhood Dog Pricing

    Training at the Wenham Training Barn

    (3) Sessions of 1-on-1 training at the Wenham Training Barn


    In-Home Training

    (3) Sessions of In-Home Training at your residence or a nearby park location


    Training at the Wenham Training Barn

    (1) Session of 1-on-1 training at the Wenham Training Barn


    In-Home Training

    (1) Session of In-Home Training at your residence or a nearby park location


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