Social Workout

Next-Level Support on your Training Journey in the Social Sphere

Dog Coach offers Social Workout as a single, trainer-led hour-long session made up of a small group of Remote Collar trained clients and their dogs. Trainers extend the invitation to dogs and owners who are ready to work around higher distractions and need structured support meeting other dogs.

Some examples of scenarios practiced in a Social Workout include: 

  • Meeting new dogs on-leash
  • Meeting new people with your dog, managing your dog around other new dogs and people
  • Remaining in control when other dogs are challenged
  • Learning how to let dogs greet each other and how to call them out of a greeting
  • Working on e-collar recall – regardless of situation
two yellow labs lying down in shade with two women holding their leashes

Dog Coach advanced training programs reward your deep commitment to the training journey with your dog.

Our Social Workout program can help you reach a new level of trust in dog handling skills that has been tough to achieve. Join other dog owners in the Dog Coach community and get together for a group session that will give you more comfort and Remote Collar control when responding to distractions that challenge your dog.

Dogs are eligible for Social Workout with trainer recommendation and after completing either our Remote Collar or Advanced Remote Collar programs.

Social Workout Pricing


    Group Training

    (1) Session of Training


    1-hr group training session offered on a predetermined date.

    DOG COACH builds confidence, comfort, and control in dog handling skills so families can trust their dog and have more fun.

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