Peabody Dog Training Programs

Are you looking for dog training in Peabody, MA? Dog Coach offers programs from puppy training to behavior modification. We help you create a family-centered canine life where your dog learns to follow your leadership. Our programs offer the most effective dog training in Peabody, MA and the surrounding North Shore area. We empower owners with dog-handling skill that encourages dogs to make better choices.

If you’re dealing with problems such as uncontrolled barking, dog reactivity, housebreaking, rough play, or leash pulling, Dog Coach can help. Read on to learn about our three different Peabody, MA dog training programs for the area.

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Happy Dog Coach Clients in Peabody

“A kind neighbor watched us struggling to walk our new puppy and literally yelled out her window, ‘DOG COACH!,’ and we are so glad that she did. They were wonderful for our four-month-old puppy and gave us sustainable ways to keep up our dog’s training. Without our visits to Dog Coach, our pup would be much different, and our family would probably be at a loss for how to instill good habits and behaviors. Thank you, Dog Coach, for teaching us how to train our sweet dog and keep her happy, and disciplined. She is one-year-old now and a delight for us all.”

– Margaret S.

Dog Coach is amazing we were at the end of our wits and thought we may have to give Jax up. He’s like a brand-new dog and such a huge part of our family now. What we thought was the impossible dog was now the perfect family dog. I would recommend Dog Coach to anyone.

– Jennifer M.

I have two extremely tough, rambunctious labs. Dog Coach has done wonders for both of my dogs and I am so thankful to have met such great dog trainers! They have helped my dogs get to where they needed to be and made the process easy. It puts a lot less stress on my family knowing that my dogs have calmed down. I can’t thank them enough.

Devaney S.

Our Programs in Peabody, MA

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Puppy Training

Team Puppy is for dogs ages 8-16 weeks. The program is 3 sessions, one-on-one and covers:

  • Setting a feed and sleep schedule
  • Crate training
  • Potty training
  • Controlling nipping, barking, and more

Foundation Training

Foundation training is a comprehensive approach to dog training. Whether you're looking for obedience training or behavior modification, Our results-driven dog training is a deep dive into how you and your family interact with your dog.

Basic challenges we address include:

  • Leash reactivity
  • Food and resource guarding
  • Fear and separation anxiety
  • Dog-to-dog aggression
  • Socialization
  • Basic dog obedience

Remote Collar Training

Remote collar training is for the dog that tends to make bad choices, is uncontrollable, does not listen to you, or is easily over-excited.

Remote collar training includes all the lessons of our Foundation Program with practice in:

  • Sit, place (stay), heel, and down
  • Off-leash recall
  • Proper responses to excessive barking and resource guarding

Dog Coach Tip: Crate Training Your Dog

What does it mean to be “crate trained”? Full crate training means your dog is able to remain calm with the crate door closed whenever you use the dog crate. Nap time during the day leads to success for nighttime sleeping. Dogs are naturally den animals and we nurture their primal sense of calmness and being most settled within a dog crate. Crate training is never punishment but is a gradual process, extending nap time spent in the crate while life goes on around your dog. All our programs are based on the calm state of mind you can achieve with proper and humane crate training.

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