Marblehead, MA One-on-One Dog Training

Are you ready to shake up life with your dog and make changes? That’s great! Dog Coach can help you create a family-centered canine life where your dog learns to follow your leadership. We offer one-on-one dog training in Marblehead, MA and the surrounding area that empowers owners with dog handling skills to encourage dogs to make better choices.

From basic dog training issues to behavioral problems such as uncontrolled barking, dog reactivity, housebreaking, rough play, or leash pulling, Dog Coach can help.

Why Do One-on-One Dog Training?

Our various Marblehead, MA one-on-one dog training programs are designed to meet the needs of dogs in all their developmental stages. Dog Coach’s balanced training methods help you lead your dog to better behavior by guiding them with appropriate humane corrections. All Dog Coach programs are taught one-on-one, whether in your home or at our facility location. This allows our trainers to focus on your needs and those of your dog.

What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

“We contacted Dog Coach about our Lab puppy. He has been a wonderful, laid back pup, and fairly easy to train. We called Dog Coach because at 7 months, our puppy had reached 80 lbs. We were walking him on a harness and when he noticed another dog, would lay down and wait for the dog. It was becoming difficult to get him to move! He was starting to jump up at people upon greeting and he would occasionally nip at our kids when playing. Dog Coach introduced the prong collar, which I was hesitant about but it helped us correct unwanted behaviors with minimal force unlike trying to do it with a harness.

Dog Coach trains dog owners and families to set limits and establish confident and calm environments for our dogs. They were fabulous! Our dog is not jumping, no longer lies down in the road waiting for other dogs, and as a household, we now know how to manage him. We continue to practice and hone the techniques. Thank you, Dog Coach, you are terrific!!!”

– Leslie B.

Our Marblehead Dog Training Programs

Imagine being able to live the fun life you want with the best dog in the neighborhood. Having a great relationship with your dog takes dedication and consistent work. Each program addresses canine development as your dog grows and learns expectations for good behavior.

Puppy Training (8–16 weeks)

Team Puppy sets the stage for further dog training. The program helps you establish the basics, covering:

  • Crate training
  • Potty training
  • Setting a feeding and sleeping schedule
  • Controlling nipping, barking, and more

Foundation Training

Our results-driven dog training is a deep dive into how you and your family interact with your dog. We teach you techniques and strategies that help your dog and family succeed. Some of the basic challenges we address include:

  • Basic dog obedience (Sit, place (stay), heel, and down)
  • Balanced socialization
  • Controlling jumping
  • Leash reactivity
  • Fear and separation anxiety
  • Dog-to-dog aggression
  • And more

Remote Collar Training

Remote collar training is for the dog that tends to make bad choices, is uncontrollable, does not listen to you, or is easily over-excited. Using the latest engineering in low-level remote collars, we help you safely and effectively create a calm and stable state of mind for your dog. Remote collar training includes all the lessons of our Foundation Program and practice in:

  • Sit, place (stay), heel, and down
  • Off-leash recall
  • Proper responses to excessive barking and resource guarding
  • And more

Dog Training Tip: How to Practice Being Calm on Walks

When we allow our dogs to bark at cars and trucks, other seemingly small behavior issues can turn into bigger issues. Balanced dog training at Dog Coach is all about teaching your dog your expectations for better behavior. As you consistently correct undesirable behavior, your dog begins learning your expectations. To start training calm walks, keep your walks short and distractions to a minimum so your dog can more easily focus on your leadership. Walk in your yard or avoid busy areas. Increase distractions just enough so that your corrections keep you in control. Practice daily.

DOG COACH builds confidence, comfort, and control in dog handling skills so families can trust their dog and have more fun.

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