Local Dog Training in Manchester, MA

Are you ready to shake up life with your dog and make changes? That’s great! Dog Coach can help you create a family-centered canine life where your dog learns to follow your leadership. We offer local dog training in Manchester-By-­The-­Sea, MA and the surrounding North Shore area. We empower owners and their families with dog handling skills that encourage dogs to make better choices.

From basic dog training issues to behavioral problems such as uncontrolled barking, dog reactivity, housebreaking, rough play, or leash pulling, Dog Coach can help.

What Dog Coach Customers Have to Say About Us

“Like everyone else we got a pandemic puppy. A beautiful Irish Setter who is way too smart and had me regretting the decision to get a dog. The first day Dog Coach showed up, she wasn’t even home–she had escaped, jumping a five-foot fence. Six short lessons later we have the best family dog. She no longer climbs on the kitchen table, doesn’t go after the kids’ food, and you can walk her without having your arm dislocated. She now sleeps in her crate all night and takes naps there during the day. Dog Coach is so good at helping you feel in control and educating you along the way about why your dog acts in certain ways. We are excited to continue training with Dog Coach!”

– Courtney W.

Our Programs in Manchester, MA

Imagine being able to live the fun life you want with the best dog in the neighborhood! Having a great relationship with your dog takes dedication and consistent work. Our Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA dog training programs address canine development as your dog grows and learns expectations for good behavior.

Small puppy laying in grass

Puppy Training

Team Puppy is for dogs ages 8-16 weeks. The program is 3 sessions, one-on-one and covers:

  • Setting a feed and sleep schedule
  • Crate training
  • Potty training
  • Controlling nipping, barking, and more

Foundation Training

Foundation training is a comprehensive approach to dog training. Whether you're looking for obedience training or behavior modification, Our results-driven dog training is a deep dive into how you and your family interact with your dog.

Basic challenges we address include:

  • Leash reactivity
  • Food and resource guarding
  • Fear and separation anxiety
  • Dog-to-dog aggression
  • Socialization
  • Basic dog obedience

Remote Collar Training

Remote collar training is for the dog that tends to make bad choices, is uncontrollable, does not listen to you, or is easily over-excited.

Remote collar training includes all the lessons of our Foundation Program with practice in:

  • Sit, place (stay), heel, and down
  • Off-leash recall
  • Proper responses to excessive barking and resource guarding

Dog Training Tip: Balance Calm and Play for Better Behavior

Just as we manage good healthy dog play our dogs benefit from consistent practice being calm. Keeping a balanced relationship with your dog will promote better behavior and better choices. But the catch is that 30 minutes of play doesn’t necessarily equate to 30 minutes of calm. Expectations for a secure balanced family dog takes consistent practice teaching a calm state of mind. Manage your dog’s energy level by not allowing them to follow you throughout the house. Full crate training is always a complement to healthy play and is ideal for a balanced dog.