Dog Coach dog training is about changing your energy as a dog owner and handler. You want better behavior from your dog, you’re raising your expectations of your dog – and yourself. Something as small as changing your voice can change your energy and shift the way you speak to your dog.

Dogs Don’t Speak English

While our canine companions can be taught extensive commands, they still don’t speak English. In addition to your tone of voice, what you say to your dog is key. Keep your verbal communication to a minimum with your dog. Instead of asking questions or speaking in full sentences, focus on speaking the simple commands you are teaching your dog. As the leader and handler, you know what’s best for your canine companion and they are waiting for you to communicate your expectations. 

Calm, Cool, Relaxed – You and Your Dog 

Practice commands in a calm, firm, voice. With consistent training, you can expect your dog to be calm in a variety of situations – and he expects the same from you. Your leadership extends to your leadership, patience, and tone of voice. Using a calm voice will help you communicate higher standards with your dog. 

dog lying calmly at feet while owner reads

Baby Talk Can Stop your Dog Training Progress 

Our dogs are so cute, we love to use the tiniest, cute squeaky voice with them. But there’s something incongruent about using a baby voice and expecting your dog to hold to higher behavior standards. Not all cutesy talk with your dog is bad. But if you want to lead your dog to better behavior choices, a cute high pitched voice is a problem.

terrier lying calmly in dog bed

Dog Training Requires Patience 

We’re human, we get frustrated, and that shows through our voice. But keeping your voice level and calm can help modulate your ownenergy. Your patience is a critical ingredient for dog training. If you’re worked up and frustrated, take a deep breath and return to a firm, even voice. 

dog lying calmly on blanket

Looking for additional training tips and support?

Team Puppy Training

Encourages your leadership and show how you to nurture good behavior. 

Foundation Training

Covers the basics of good dog behavior as well as some behavior modification.

Remote Collar Training

Foundation Training with e-collar for total off-leash freedom and behavior modification.

What our clients have to say...

Dog Coach listened carefully and observed keenly my interaction and tone of voice with Bella. At nearly 6 months now, she is the best-trained dog I've had. It was a worthwhile experience!

Margaret B.

We want to thank Dog Coach for your patience and encouragement! Our dogs are really coming into their own as the perfect family dogs we were looking for!

David S.

Such a great investment! We got a puppy and had a toddler... It was overwhelming at first. Working with Dog Coach has been the gift that keeps on giving.

Sylvie K.

DOG COACH builds confidence, comfort, and control in dog handling skills so families can trust their dog and have more fun.

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