When most people think of a tired dog, they think of throwing the ball and running free or taking a long walk. Each of these has a place. The balanced dog training method that Dog Coach teaches owners uses short walks as an important training opportunity. A shorter distance conveys higher expectations to your dog. And this can be done within a remarkably short walking distance.

Short Walks are a way to…

      • Strengthen a relationship with your dog 
      • Ask your dog to focus on your lead
      • Ask your dog to do something he’s never done before
      • Practice walking your dog in a new way
      • Build mental stamina in your canine
      • Communicate  new, higher behavior standards to your dog

Instead of long walks to tire out your dog, focus on a mental workout for your dog. Slowing things down teaches your dog a calm state of mind. Practicing short structured walks with your dog heeling, on-leash and not pulling, can be a huge change from previous walks.

Think of a short walk as giving your dog a job to do. Dogs love to have a job, but we need to regularly give them one. A shorter walk with higher expectations can go a long way toward seeing quick changes in your dog’s behavior.

At Dog Coach the short walk is also a structured walk. Your dog is not allowed to sniff or drag you around, but has to follow your lead. Even for potty breaks you are in control. Rather than let dogs mark up and down a street you can release them to pee with a command like “Break” or “OK,” then gather up the leash when they’re done. 

dog lying calmly at feet while owner reads

If your dog is pulling, try a 180-degree turn and teach him to follow. You may need to turn on your heel every 3-4 steps to get him to pay attention. Another tactic is to back up instead of turning. Take a few steps back and when your dog yields and follows, walk forward with him at your heel. Practice regularly.

terrier lying calmly in dog bed

Longer walks will come, but it takes time to bond with your dog. Remember: a perfect short walk is always a great exercise to learn, regardless of your dog’s age.

If you’re looking for training support to become the calm, confident leader your dog needs, check out our training programs based in Wenham MA and serving the North Shore and Cape Ann MA areas.
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Looking for additional training tips and support?

Team Puppy Training

Encourages your leadership and show how you to nurture good behavior. 

Foundation Training

Covers the basics of good dog behavior as well as some behavior modification.

Remote Collar Training

Foundation Training with e-collar for total off-leash freedom and behavior modification.

What our clients have to say...

Dog Coach listened carefully and observed keenly my interaction and tone of voice with Bella. At nearly 6 months now, she is the best-trained dog I've had. It was a worthwhile experience!

Margaret B.

We want to thank Dog Coach for your patience and encouragement! Our dogs are really coming into their own as the perfect family dogs we were looking for!

David S.

Such a great investment! We got a puppy and had a toddler... It was overwhelming at first. Working with Dog Coach has been the gift that keeps on giving.

Sylvie K.

DOG COACH builds confidence, comfort, and control in dog handling skills so families can trust their dog and have more fun.

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