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Foundation Training Program

Whether young or old, at some point all dogs must start at the beginning. This program does just that. Our Foundation Program at Dog Coach covers every basic obedience command and behavior for Sit, Place/Stay, Heel, Recall/Come, and Down. Most other common behavior issues (pulling, lunging, barking, growling, etc.) are discussed in detail and overcome in this training, including essential lessons on crate training, food matters, threshold etiquette and the structured walk. Specific dog training for relieving stress, anxiety, moderate aggression and other behaviors is covered as necessary.

In this program we focus on the proper use of a prong collar, which gives a safe and humane way to interact with your dog to promote improved behavior. A prong collar, while striking in appearance, is actually not injurious to your dog’s neck, one of the strongest muscles in their body. Dog handling becomes an easier task with this collar and promotes a more balanced state of mind for the dog.

Foundation Program training requires a strong desire and commitment to having a well behaved dog. The success you will have is a function of practice time and follow-through and will take the full cooperation of your entire family. Instruction on becoming an effective leader for your dog is also a key component of this training. This unique and specialized program from Dog Coach creates a foundation of calm and zero confusion for relating your expectations to your family dog. Check out our GALLERY for training photos and videos!

Best Dog in the Neighborhood Program

In this program we specifically work on the necessities for a controlled, confident walk with your dog. The Best Neighborhood Dog Program entails lessons in leading your dog on a structured walk without any sniffing, pulling, marking, or any excited craziness. With your dog by your side in the heel position you establish a strong bond and a pattern of behavior that helps your dog to unwind and give you his full attention. The techniques and strategies in this program will put the fun back into your daily walks.

Team Puppy Program

The Dog Coach Team Puppy Program will help start your dog with early training on the basics, including a sleeping and eating schedule, potty training, crate training, learning how to walk on a leash, setting boundaries, controlling nipping, barking and more. Puppies require a soft sensibility and for that we offer instruction on becoming a gentle teacher and leader. Puppies are always learning from the world around them which allows frequent opportunities to teach them polite manners. These Program lessons set the stage for more comprehensive obedience training after 6 months. Fielding all of your questions as they arise is an essential part of this Program, too. Learn more about Sarah’s training experience on OUR TEAM page.

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Foundation Training Cost:

Foundation Program                                                             
Cost: $560.00
This includes six hour-long in-home training sessions, 6’ leash, 30’ recall leash, and a fitted prong collar.

Team Puppy Training Cost:

Team Puppy Program (8 weeks to 6 months of age)                   
Cost: $275.00
This includes three hour-long in-home training sessions and a slip-lead collar/leash.

Best Neighborhood Dog Training Cost:

Best Neighborhood Dog Program                                                 
Cost: $170
This includes two one-hour training sessions. Additional charge of $25 + tax for Herm Sprenger prong/training collar

Best Neighborhood Dog Training Cost:

Telephone/ Skype Consultations                                                            
Cost: $85.00
Follow up consultation for up to one hour

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